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Eternally Convertible: SWAK Convertible Maxi

I thought I would have some fun this week, with our lateest video, and really show you that you can wrap SWAK’s Eternity Convertible Dress on your own. In the “Wrap 101” video series I shot last year, I wrap the gorgeous Kelsey Olson in a variety of stylish wraps. The great thing about this is that I give step-by-step instructions for how to wrap over 15 different styles. The thing that worried many of you is that I was the one wrapping Kelsey, so for this video I chose to wrap MYSELF and prove that you can do this on your own. Now, each of the wraps varies, some build on others, and some aren’t meant for all of us. You’ll find after studying the various wraps that some aren’t ideal if you’re busty and can’t go without a bra. Others show a lot of the back or a little more cleavage. I use the word “study” because that is really the best way to get the most out of this versatile dress. If you study all of the different wraps we’ve outlined for you, you’ll see which appeal to you and then you can take a pass at wrapping yourself. You might even be able to come up with some of your own! The Eternity Convertible Dress is one of my favorites to take on vacation because it’s like having several dresses in your bag. When you’re trying to pack light, this is a perfect option as it can be dressed up or down and the short version can even be worn as a cover up to the pool. Take a whack at wrapping one on your own or get creative and concoct your own wrap. The SWAK team would love to see it, so share your snapshots on social media and tag us @swakdesigns! XOXO, Marcy


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