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Film Pics of a Style Icon – Tess Munster’s Top 5 Flicks of All Time

There’s no denying that Hollywood has played a role in the style of Tess Munster, fashionista, body advocate and founder of #EffYourBeautyStandards. We asked Tess to name her favorite flicks of all time. If you haven’t seen them before… Now’s the perfect excuse to pop the popcorn, grab a blanket and cuddle in for a movie marathon!

Cry Baby (1990)

I’m such a fan of John Waters in general, but Cry Baby was the first movie I watched that really introduced me to the “rockabilly” lifestyle. I had always dressed in similar fashion, but never knew others did. (I’m from a small town in MS) Traci Lords made me want Betty bangs & a pencil skirt something fierce! After this movie, my love affair with Johnny Depp started, along with any other teenage girl that saw this movie. He was a bad boy, with a good heart.. if only! The movie is funny, sexy, & kitschy.. it’s the perfect rock n roll kinda movie.

Amelie (2001)

This movie is by far my favorite movie ever. It’s witty, funny, romantic, & charming.. I think I quote this movie all the time. Some people turn their noses up when I mention it because it’s a French film, which means reading subtitles, but it’s worth every minute. Amelie has such a big heart, and goes out of her way to connect others, and in some cases teach the “bad guys” a lesson. Plus, she is really stinkin cute too, and inspired my bob hair cut years ago!

Gentlemen Prefer Blondes (1953)

*sigh* Marilyn Monroe and Jan Russell, you really can’t go wrong. In my opinion they were the perfect match for a movie like this. You had the “dumb blonde” and the strong willed brunette that looked divine as they charmed the men in this movie. The gowns, jewels, hair and makeup, was all perfection. It was all so effortless.

Tank Girl (1995)

I know I might lose cool points for this one, but hear me out: It’s so cheesy, but in the best way. If the world was going to end, I would definitely want to be by Tank Girl’s side. She is a total badass, and downright funny. She had the best clothes, attitude, and sass- also, she had kangaroo hybrids and awesome is that? There are so many good one liners as well which are as equally as ridiculous as the rest of the movie..but in the best way of course!

Hairspray (1988)

I’m not a fan of musicals, but this movie is such a classic for me. I love the diverse cast, & how it really made people think about social issues that went on in the 50′s. Also, it was the first movie I saw where a chubby girl was playing the lead, and I really identified with Tracy Turnblad. She had sass and wasn’t going to let her size keep her down..all while having big hair and great fashions.. kinda like someone else I know *wink*. The whole movie is so heartfelt, and genuine, but still with a little bit of edge.

Tess Munster is doing vintage for SWAK Designs! She’s serving as a special advisor for our up and coming vintage collection. Check out more of what inspires here in past blogs here!