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Life Styled Looks: Eternal Style

This week it is all about the Eternity Convertible Dress!  From videos, to blogger style and more, we’re giving a little love to our traditional, evergreen and oh-so-versatile Eternity Convertible Dress. Many of you know and love the silhouette, and even more of you have heard of it, but we believe it should live in the closet of EVERY curvy girl.  The Eternity Convertible Dress has a little bit of that “Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants” magic which is essential to any bff’s closet.  Whether you’ve got our maxi or the shorter version, each dress comes with panels that wrap around your curves and LOTS of instructional videos on EXACTLY how to accomplish over 20 wraps; we equip you to go forth and wrap fabulous.

We’re starting off our style endeavor with two “Life Styled Looks” that feature the frock in our newest shades.  For summer, we’ve run the dress in a friendly yellow and merry mint.  Both colors are subtle, yet summery and offer lots of options for complementing your sumptuous curves.  On Kelsey, our resident blondie, we’ve layered our Bella Chiffon plus size Cardigan over one of our easiest wrap styles, the Ava.  Ava is a tube style sweetheart wrap that can be worn as is, or if you want a little more coverage, layer with a cardigan, scarf, or plus size shrug.
We’ve paired Rayna’s look with one of our printed tops from this season, the Cheyenne.  Cheyenne offers a fun printed look that spices up the simplicity of the Eternity Dress without distracting from the lovely flowiness of it.  Here we’ve wrapped it like a skirt, which is an easy way to make the dress a bit more casual and tap into the versatility of the dress.  When shopping for your wardrobe, you want to make sure to choose things that you can wear over and over, right?  Well this dress is exactly that!  Check out all our wrap options on our YouTube channel and visit our plus size convertible dress gallery to see our most up to date color and style offerings.  Stay tuned for more on the Eternity Convertible Dress this week and a YouTube exclusive coupon code…