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Rosie For Real

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Rosie For Real

Get ready as we get up close and personal with plus size celebrity and model Rosie Mercado.

Hard working, Loyal, Romantic. We are pulling back the layers, and showing you the real Rosie Mercado. Behind the shining smile of this plus size celeb is an authentic, funny woman in bloom. She is like you. She is like me. She is a real life diva transforming before our eyes and stepping into the spotlight. And she is doing it with a grace and humility that only comes from years of journey and growth. We spent an afternoon with Rosie, learning more about her big dreams, what inspires her and why she is so stocked about her exciting new venture with us. Get ready to see Rosie rock some great plus size dresses, sexyplus size skinny jeans and versatile plus size tops.


A Note From Rosie

I am excited to work with SWAK because they deliver great style at a great price. They also deliver a great message that I believe in. That fashion should be accessible for all sizes. Through my weight loss journey, I could always count on SWAK Designs to find clothes that would fit me, regardless of my size. I never felt discriminated against, or left out because of my size. While growing up this was a major issue. My partnership with SWAK Designs is an amazing opportunity to inspire women through fashion and to show them that they can create a life of their dreams. Along the way you can look fabulous and reach for the stars. SWAK Designs cares so much for their customers that they make extended sizes to offer women like me the opportunity to dress for success. Dare to live a life full of love, success, and fashion. YOU ARE WORTHY!