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Shop Sarah’s Closet Pt 3 – Summer Dress Edition

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Shop Sarah’s Closet: Part 3

Summer Dress Edition


Sarah loves fun plus size dresses. And, though her 5’5 frame gets overwhelmed in a maxi or two, when the temperature creeps up there’s almost nothing she would rather wear than a dress. As Director of Marketing and Creative Designs here at SWAK Designs, Sarah has her pick of all the stock every season. Step inside her closet as she selects her favorite dresses for the season and shows you just how she would wear them.

Museum Hopping: “The Cabana Maxi Dress is my favorite maxi style this season. The colors are amazing and the fit is divine.”

Sunset Beach Walk: “This is a great casual date outfit. A Perfect look for a late lunch and a nice sunset walk by the beach. It’s easy effortless style and it is incredibly comfortable.” A great dress with any of the SWAK Designs plus size cardigans takes this looks to a more casual level.

A Day at the Office: “SWAK Designs is a casual place to work. We can spend a day running around, or just sitting in long brainstorming meetings. The Cassandra dress is incredibly chic and ridiculously comfortable, so it works for whatever the day has to throw my way.”

Margarita Night: “On the off chance that I let my hair down and have a margarita or two (It’s been known to happen) I would reach for a fun, colorful look like this one. This is my favorite way to wear our Eternity dress. This baby doll wrap style looks best on my short torso and body type. A plus size denim jacket is a must for me.”

Dressing to Impress: “This look makes me feel classic yet fierce. I love that this dress is reined, but still sexy. This black dress leaves room for some fierce accessories.”