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SHOW SOME SKIN! Three Dresses and Three Tips for a Stylishly Confident Summer

With all of the empowering messages we see everywhere; you’d think more plus size women would feel free to show some skin, especially during summer.  Now showing a little décolletage doesn’t mean you have to don a scarlet letter or dress like a lady of the night, but come on, live a little! It’s summer! It’s hot! Ditch your long sleeves and give us a peek of what you’ve got going on underneath.  Dare to bare a little leg and show off (or attempt to obtain) that coveted summer tan.


We’re featuring three short dresses today, because life is too short to drown yourself in fabric!  Just because you are curvy, plus size, chubby or an inbetweenie (whatever you choose to refer to yourself as), does NOT mean that you can’t show a little skin.  Get a little sexy, and show us what you’re working with in either of these three plus size dresses.


Nora is the adorable dress of the season.  Flirty details like the lace up, corset style bodice and frilly accents make it the feminine ideal for summer style.  Pair your Nora with some fierce wedges for an edgier look or go for comfort in a simple sandal.


Judy is the dress that can take you, easily, from work to play.  With a pop of color and a flattering peplum, Judy is the perfect LBD to add to your collection this summer.  Wear Judy with sexy stilettos or opt for an uber chic D’Orsay heel.


Lastly, get playful in our Stella Dress.  With a hint of nineties style and a fresh floral print, this dress is perfect for an afternoon stroll or a casual day look.  Stella can be worn through the season, and paired with tights and boots in the fall for an autumnal look too.


Once you’re wearing your new dress, here are three quick tips for an added boost of confidence:

1. USE AFFIRMATIONS:  Write it on your mirror, put a post it note in your car, set an alarm on your phone that says something like this:

  • I am beautiful! I am worthy!I love my body!
  • Today is the day!! I am awesome!
  • Forget yesterday and go forth boldly, beautiful!


2. GRATITUDE:  When you want to complain about a chubby tummy, unsightly stretch marks or flabby arms be THANKFUL instead for what your body has done for you and does everyday.  That it breathes for you, carries you through your day and is the vessel for your spirit and soul.  Start trying to LOVE EVERY INCH of it by being THANKFUL.
3. ROCK IT OUT: Whether it’s a theme song, red lipstick or the highest heels you own, wear/do something you love and rock it out! Hear Katy Perry’s “Roar” as you’re walking down the street or startle co-workers with an unusually bright new shade of pink.  Dare to do something for yourself and feel the confidence bubble.
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