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Tess Munster’s Vintage Mood Board

In the fashion world, a mood board is simply a collection of inspirational stuff. Images, text, fabric swatches gets gathered together to illustrate the mood and feeling of a specific fashion collection. Mood boards are like visual insights—personally we think they’re pretty cool!

We mentioned in a previous post that SWAK Designs has launched a partnership with confidence crusader and founder of the #EffYourBeautyStandards movement, Tess Munster, to help us create our next collection of Curvy Kitten vintage style fashions. (Yeah! We’re stoked. No, really, stoked!) Over the course of our relationship, you’ll get first-hand insight into the creative process and learn a bit more about Tess at the same time.

One of the first steps to putting together this vintage-inspired collection of clothing was for Tess to create a mood board for us. This way, we could learn what she loves, what vintage means to her and to inspire us! So we tasked her with gathering together a bunch of stuff… And here’s what she picked!
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So, what do we spy?
We spy a few pics of saucy screen siren Mae West for starters. (Have you ever noticed the Mae West tattoo on Tess’s arm? She’s a big fan!) We scoped out a pic of the beautiful Michelle Pfeiffer from the movie Grease 2 and Traci Lords in Cry Baby- see that killer red scarf on her neck? We love it!

What else do we see? The sultry screen icon Veronica Lake, with her famous blonde tresses, and vintage fashion sketch.
The other standout? Dita Von Teese. A modern, polished symbol of vintage-femininity meets burlesque-sexy, we’re a big fan of Dita’s style! (We’ve even caught her performing at the famous Crazy Horse Paris in Las Vegas… Yee haw was she a stunning, seductive beauty!)

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