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Week in Review: 06/13/2014

Another week gone and June is half-over, marked by Friday the 13th and a full moon.  Now, let’s talk curves.


After all the buzz Miss Indiana got this week over having a “normal” body, we’re amazed at what the mainstream media defines as a “curvy” or even “normal” body.  It’s always incredible to see these women compete for the title of Miss USA year after year.  It’s like fashion’s version of baseball; we hate to admit it, but as suckers for pageantry, we love it!  However, all the fuss over Miss Indiana’s so-called curves is just a bit ridiculous.  Did you watch the show?  Did you follow the coverage?  What are your thoughts on the pageant and do you feel Miss Indiana should be celebrated for her size?  This of course is part of a much larger conversation about diet and celebrity waist bands that can go on forever.  When and how did weight gain or loss become news?


What IS exciting news this week, is the launch of our summer lookbook, “Summer Solstice.”  We’re delighted to release images that invoke feelings of summer sun, the smell of sea salt in the air and walks on the beach.  Our team took a trip out to Malibu and hopes you’re inspired by flowy maxi skirts and prints that pop.  Take a peek and plan your summer wardrobe with easy breezy style.  Read more about the lookbook here.


Lastly, we’re about to hit a huge social media milestone at SWAK, as we mentioned in our most recent “SWAK in 60 Seconds.”  If you aren’t already following us on Facebook, make sure to LIKE our page and share it with your curvy friends.  When we hit 100,000 followers we’re going to give away loads of SWAK Bucks, so don’t miss out!  Are you following us everywhere else?  Find us on Instagram and Twitter too, @swakdesigns!